Welcome to hendrina.com, I made this website to accommodate my passion for the world of photography.

The journey to the world of photography was started on 2000 when my friend invited me to walk while shooting. When I saw the results of the photo and it was amazing then I am immediately felt in love with the world of photography and finally decided to buy a camera

My first camera at that time was Nikon Coolpix 5700 (the price at that time was unusually expensive, if it was compared to the current price). After some years using coolpix and the new DSLR camera was began then i decide to buy my first DSLR which is D70, in that year was the best one. And years are change and me also have change several time, from D70 t0 D700 to D800 and finally end up with D4. I am not sure if still stay on D4 or will change with new Nikon Z series camera, time and budget will talk later.

Since i do like travelling including outside of Switzerland, and have difficulties to bring a big tank D4 in my bag, then i decide to buy Fujifilm X-T1 as my first travelling camera.   And at the end i am end up with my last  Fujifilm X-H1 because i like the color and also movie creation, and i this camera already include IBIS ( Stabilisation in the Camera ) 

The are three main collections are exist in my website, and they are Collection of Events, Nature and Travelling. The Events are related with all event that happen in Switzerland like  Fasnacht, Christmas market, etc. The Nature itself mostly cover all the world of nature like Flowers, Animals, Birds, etc. The last collection is Travelling, that collection of my traveling in Switzerland, Europe, etc.

I will be happy if you take the time to stop at my website and leave a few words of criticism or input which will be very useful for the development of my knowledge with photography.

Finally, welcome and enjoy the gallery of my photos